Here is my portfolio.  It is composed of various links and webpages which are about the games I created in direct and/or lead roles at game companies.  It also includes a few of my personal projects that I created on my own time and during university.

A list of games I created can be found on theĀ Company Created Games page.

Some of the earliest complete projects I’ve created were during my time attending university.  I’ve been always programming since before high school, but nothing really materialized into what I’d consider a complete project.  The funnest projects I created in university were about artificial intelligence.  There were two courses offered during my final year–one in each semester.  In the first semester, I created a program which executed genetic algorithms.  In the second semester, I created an ant system program generator which is a concept in AI known as genetic programming.

As a part of my final honours project, I created a game called Wonkie Guy.  It was a game that utilized a game engine called Alarm.  This was essentially my final project.  In order to create the game, I created my own editor called TileMax.  This started out as a basic palette editor which was extended into a fully featured tile and level editor.  It was designed in such a way that plugins could be created meaning that this tool can easily be modified.

There’s always more projects that I can dig up from somewhere, so be sure to check back soon!

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